Spreading Culture

A Look into the Filipino Student Association

The Filipino Student Association is a national collegiate organization dedicated to promoting not only Filipino culture, but also creating a space where students from different backgrounds can interact.

“Our official mission statement is, ‘to promote unity among students of different backgrounds, not just those of Filipino origin,’” explained Jed Fule, one of the fundraising officers of the Texas State FSA branch. “As a cultural student organization we aim to enhance awareness of the Filipino culture at Texas State, foster goodwill, develop working relationships with students, and achieve academic excellence.”

To achieve this, FSA puts on a Filipino Market twice a month to spread the culture by selling dumplings, chicken adobo, calamansi (Filipino lemonade), gulaman (a sweet drink similar to bubble tea), and other Filipino foods. They also hold weekly meetings and participate in events on campus like intramural sports.  

students cooking food on the quad under a tent
students laughing under a tent on the quad
student wearing gloves preparing food

Fule went to an FSA meeting a year ago and immediately felt welcomed. He knew he had found his place at Texas State.

“Personally, as a transfer student from California, I knew no one when I arrived, but now I can say that I found my place and a family,” Fule said. “The Filipino culture is huge on being family-oriented, and FSA is all about that. We are more than just a student organization.”

FSA’s goal of embracing anyone who is interested makes the community within the organization become a safe space where members can make it want they want.

 “We strive to cultivate a cultural and philanthropic community,” said Fule. “We really are one big family. Whether you are looking for friends or you just want to join because we compete in dances and sports, FSA is for you.”

On top of creating an open-minded culture within the organization, FSA sheds light on a group on campus that is part of the 2.5 percent of Asian students at the university and provides a way for everyone to make new connections at Texas State and across the state of Texas.

“As a Filipino myself, I believe our culture is unique and not often talked about. Also, FSA is a great way to network,” said Fule. “There are 14 FSAs in Texas, and every year we attend the ‘GoodPhil Games’ where all FSAs come to compete in three different dance competitions and various sports, and most importantly, network and create friendships.”

FSA teaches its members how to build relationships with people from different cultures, which is a skill that Fule feels he can take with him in future jobs due to his involvement with the organization.

 “FSA has taught me how to find common ground with complete strangers and create a connection,” Fule said.  “Also, as a marketing major I have been able to use the strategies I have learned in class and successfully apply them to my job as an FSA officer. FSA has given me experience that I can use after I graduate.”

 FSA wants growth in membership and in their outreach on campus, so they can spread a culture that most people aren’t familiar with while fully embracing Texas State’s diversity.

 “I want to continue the growth of our membership for the upcoming year,” Fule remarked. “I would also like to collaborate with other cultural organizations around Texas State to create a more culturally aware community.” ⭑

To learn more about the student organizations at Texas State visit Student Involvement.