Our River

The San Marcos River flows through Texas State’s campus. It’s home to eight endangered and threatened species, one world-class research and educational center, and countless members of the Bobcat family. Dive into stories about what makes the river special to us.

River Stories


The River | Mermaids Making a Difference

The San Marcos River, home to unique plants and animals, is also a rich habitat for the imagination. Generations of locals and Texas State students have embraced the symbol of the mermaid and used its imagery for both entertainment and conservation.

the story of an alumni who owns his own fitness business and loves the river

The River | Holding San Marcos Together

Of all the things that draw people to San Marcos, the river has one of the strongest pulls. It is a constant, flowing background to thousands of stories. Texas State alum and San Marcos resident Nick Stiler shares what the river means to him.

a man pulls his paddle board through the river rice with his dog happily riding along

The River | The 33rd Annual Great River Cleanup

As a unique resource in San Marcos, the river requires care and protection. Each year, the whole community — including many Bobcats — comes together to clean up the river and raise awareness of how our actions impact it.

video on the meadows center

The River | Strong Connections, Rich Education

The waters bubbling from Spring Lake are the essence of our city. Meadows Center researcher Thomas Hardy describes the connections — environmental, cultural, educational and recreational — between San Marcos and its river.

video about the meadows center history

The River | The Story of Riverside

Sewell Park, once known as Riverside, is a vital part of Texas State’s campus. The park’s history started with mathematics professor Dr. S.M. “Froggy” Sewell in 1917, and our community has been learning from and by the river ever since.