Getting a Start in Marketing: Abel Barron

How would you describe your journey to Texas State?

It’s a little nontraditional. My mind was made up, I wanted to go to UT like everyone else. But they wanted me to do their CAP program and go to UT Arlington, which was too close to home. So I came to Texas State. I was going to transfer out to UT, but I ended up getting involved here, making connections. I feel like I ended up where I was meant to be.

What was your favorite class?

Futures of Work, an Honors class on automation and how it’s influencing jobs, and potential solutions. Robots are taking jobs, even ones that you don’t expect, like at McDonald’s. There is a robot out there making burgers. Even creative jobs are getting automated in many ways. That was a class that really changed my perspective. I also really enjoyed the creative writing classes in Mass Comm.

What organizations are you involved in?

Welcome Center tour guide, University Ambassadors, fraternity. I also worked a Bobcat Preview, helping and meeting new students who are excited about college life.

I’m also a marketing intern. It’s been great working at Marketing, being able to have fun with the main social media accounts, create my own content. It’s so unlike any other college curriculum or assignment — the freedom. It’s also stuff I want to do as my job. 

Abel smiling with a brick wall behind him
Abel Barron 2019, B.B.A. in Marketing, minor in Mass Communication
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What other cereals help you start or finish your day?

What are your goals for after Texas State?

I do have a creative side, and I feel like I’ve been embracing it more. I want to do more work in marketing campaigns and social media marketing, in entertainment or TV, working with brands and social media influencers. I hope to move out of state, although I’ll probably go back to Dallas at some point. I love Texas but I feel like I stagnate when I spend too long in the same environment.

What does being a Bobcat mean to you?

It means having a lot of pride in what you do, and helping each other and the community. Giving each other the support that we need. Share the love! Also, a big part of being a Bobcat at Texas State is taking care of the river. ⭑