Student and Faculty Biographies

The Students

headshot of raylyn bowers on Study in America trip

Raylyn Bowers

I hope to become an environmental or scientific journalist. I am looking forward to spending time in nature and learning more about different parks across the country and the problems that are affecting them.

headshot of kaitlyn evans on Study in America trip

Kaitlin Evans – @kaiti.christine

After I graduate from Texas State, I hope to work as a reporter or columnist in Austin. I’m looking forward to gaining new and exciting experiences in some of the most beautiful places in America.

headshot of charlcee cervantez on Study in America trip

Charlcee Cervantez – @CharlceeOdessa

After I graduate, I hope to get my master’s degree and work in the public relations field. I’ve never traveled outside of Texas, so I’m excited to go to other states and see all of these wonderful places.

headshot of nancy gonzalez on Study in America trip

Nancy Gonzalez

I plan to pursue a career in digital marketing, helping businesses raise awareness of their social media presence. I’m super excited to have the opportunity to travel to these parks, and I can’t wait to produce content to inspire others to go out and visit!

headshot of lauren verdi on Study in America trip

Lauren Verdi – @laurenverdi

After I graduate, I want to establish my career as a PR professional, hopefully finding work in social media marketing. I’m really looking forward to shooting a documentary at Zion National Park!

headshot of jacqueline dalehite on Study in America trip

Jacqueline Dalehite – @Miss_tactrix

My goal after Texas State is to work in the video game industry being a gaming or TV host. I’m looking forward to exploring and hiking in different states that I’ve never been to, and I’m excited to tell a story about the national parks to the world.

headshot of sandra blair richmond on Study in America trip

Sandra Blair Richmond – @b14ir

My goal is to have a career in the entertainment industry creating social media content for concerts, festivals and large events. I'm really looking forward to hiking up The Narrows at Zion National Park.

headshot of amanda compian on Study in America trip

Amanda Compian – @amandayc

My goals are writing and producing content for a music magazine or label, doing media relations within the industry or working at a nonprofit. I’ve never been to any of the parks we’re going to, so I’m looking forward to traveling to new places and making memories with the group.

headshot of alyssa sullivan on Study in America trip

Alyssa Sulivan – @ally.sullivan98

I want to do public relations and digital media for organizations in innovative industries such as food, health and environmental protection. In addition to traveling to such amazing new places, I am really looking forward to interviewing people and hearing what brought them to the park.

headshot of hannah holder on Study in America trip

Hannah Holder – @hannahnholder

My goal is to work in journalism as a writer covering politics, preferably somewhere up North where I can see snow and beautiful mountains. I’m really looking forward to creating multimedia journalism, something I’ve never done before.

headshot of cheyenne wells on Study in America trip

Cheyenne Wells

I aspire to work as a public relations practitioner for a firm after graduating from Texas State.

headshot of andrew wright on Study in America trip

Andrew Wright – @andrewmason_w

After graduating from Texas State, I would like to travel while doing freelance photography. On this trip, I’m really looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone and expanding my portfolio.

The Faculty

headshot of dale blasingame on Study in America trip

Dale Blasingame  Senior Lecturer, Digital Media Innovation


I love being able to share some of the most beautiful parts of the country with students, many of whom have never gone camping or been outside of Texas. It’s especially gratifying when the students themselves then become park evangelists — encouraging their peers to follow in their footsteps. I don’t mean this to be hyperbolic, but I hope this program changes their lives.

headshot of kym fox on Study in America trip

Kym Fox – Associate Professor of Practice, Journalism


Real-world experience is the best way to learn journalism, and a trip like this gives us the opportunity to create community, to build a sort of outdoor newsroom where we all work together. I hope students come away from this trip with stories — the stories they’ll write about the people they met and the places they visited, but also stories about their own experience and how this opportunity changed them.

headshot of nicole hengst on Study in America trip

Nicole Hengst – Lecturer, Journalism


Programs like these push students to think outside the box and use skills in new ways. It's much closer to real-world experience than you can get in a classroom, and that’s invaluable for students when they enter the workforce. I hope this program reminds students that although they are surrounded by technology, there is a big world to explore beyond the world wide web.